May 1974

Robert and Sequora were King and Queen of Atenveldt.
Reynard and Kathleeen where Crown Prince and Princess.

This was the year of the Grand Outlandish Tournament. The real one. The first one.

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This was published in April, 1979. The answer will be in the comments soon.

From that same 1979 publication, another account of the first Outlandish, and then a song about it written between the two times (click and then click for maximum size):

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The Ballad of the Black Guard was sun to the tune of "Green, Green," by The New Christy Minstrels. Baldwin was versed in 50's and early 60's folkmusic, and many of his early songs were set to such tunes. The original can be heard here:

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Sandra Dodd said...

That account of arriving first at Grand Outlandish was by Baldwin of Erebor. The mother who helped him make his first tunic would later be Mistress Julia the Childless.