May 1978

Johann and Malinda were King and Queen
Heinrich and Lorene were Prince and Princess

Meistres Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes wrote:
Grand Outlandish V took place
26-29 May A.S. XIII (1978) in the mountains near al-Barran. For Hastle Castle's take on it, see

That page has other photos and a second account of the event, too. In the photo to the right, Elaine is getting an Award of Arms from Johann and Malinda. I can't tell whether it's Baldwin or Mark Lasie heralding. They both had similar glasses and long hair then. Seated to the right, Heinrich der Jaeger and Sir Trude Lacklandia (who was probably princess of the Sun, which would be why she was sitting there, I think). —aelflaED

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Duchessmalinda said...

This Grand Outlandish was also a few days after my 21st birthday. We had held a party the night before my birthday at Theo's house where we finished up last minute projects, including making coffee can luminarios to light up Outlandish. At midnight Wilhelm of the Bogs kidnapped me and took me to a nearby bar for a legal drink. It was the best Outlandish ever!