Outlands' Birthday

The Kingdom of the Outlands is 24 years old. The Outlands as a land named and apart is 38 or so years old. The art below was by Galen of Wiltshire, for the cover of Southwind in May, A.S. XX, for the beginning of the Twentieth Year of the Society. I've recycled it.

Two more things from later in 1986, one a poem following a boffer tournament, and one the announcement of a corporate-level approval of a water-bearer's office.

Trivia, and history.
March 2009 - Crown Tournament

Round 1
Maelgwn bests Flanagan
Bela bests Gwain
Duncan bests Li
Giavanni bests Stuart
Boleslave bests Adam
Gareth bests Charles
Dermot bests Rhys

Round 2
Maelgwn bests Li (out)
Bela bests Adam (out)
Duncan bests Giavanni
Boleslav bests Stuart (out)
Gareth bests Rhys (out)
Flanagan bests Gwain (out)
Charles bests Dermot

Round 3
Boleslav bests Maelgwn
Duncan bests Bela
Flanagan bests Gareth
Giovanni bests Charles Blackston
Dermot bye fight

Round 4
Boleslav bests Giovanni (out)
Flanagan bests Dermot (out)
Maelgwn bests Bela (out)
Duncan bests Gareth (out)

Round 5
Boleslav bests Flanagan (out)
Maelgwn bests Duncan

Round 6

Boleslav bests Duncan (out)
Maelgwn bye fights

Round 7 (final)
Boleslav undefeated vs Maelgwn with one loss

Maelgwn bests Boleslav (2 victories) to even the standings

Maelgwn bests Boleslav (2 victories) to win the tournament

All Hail Sir Maelgwn and Lady Sabine!

October 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr
Crown Prince and Princess: Alrik and Salomea

September 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

Count Alrik Boleslavov won Crown bearing the favor of Lady Salomea Torunska, in Dragonsspine on September 13.

Outlands Crown – September 6 AS XXXXIII
This post reflects the official reported results. The Tournament was announced as two victories to win a round (double kills to be refought) with elimination after loss of two rounds.

Round 1
Count Alrik bests Lord Robert
Lord Li bests Sir William
Duke Albert bests Lord Angus
Duke Maelgwyn bests Lord Herbert
Count Giovanni bests Master Maelmarden
Master Grellan bests Lord Chagatai
Master Rhys bests Lord Iohannes
Duke Bela bests Sir Roger

Round 2
Lord Li bests Duke Maelgwyn
Master Maelmarden bests Lord Iohannes
Master Rhys bests Master Grellan
Sir William bests Duke Albert
Count Alrik bests Duke Bela
Count Giovanni eliminates Lord Chagatai
Sir Roger eliminates Lord Robert
Lord Herbert eliminates Lord Angus

Round 3
Sir William eliminates Master Grellan
Lord Li bests Sir Roger
Duke Maelgwyn bests Master Rhys
Master Maelmarden eliminates Duke Albert
Count Alrik eliminates Lord Herbert
Duke Bela bests Count Giovanni

Round 4
Count Alrik eliminates Master Maelmarden
Duke Bela bests Lord Li
Sir William eliminates Master Rhys
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Count Giovanni

Round 5
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Sir William
Count Alrik eliminates Lord Li

Round 6
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Duke Bela

Round Final pairing for the Tournament
Duke Maelgwn and Count Alrik

Count Alrik bests Duke Maelgwn
Then Count Alrik bests Duke Maelgwn again and is recognized as Crown Prince.

August 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

Unto Their Royal Majesties of the Outlands, and all addressed, does your servant Æðeluulf send these words, reporting Your actions at Caer Galen Defender, during the feast of Saint Parasceva of Rome, being the XXVI day of July, Anno Societatus XLIII, being the year of grace MMVIII

Facio servitum

Sat July 26 -- Morning
Katherina von Lehman -- Court Barony + GoA

Back Scrolls:
Geffroi le Cuir - Argent Hart (from Midwinter)
Cera ingen Ronain -- Golden Pheon (from Midwinter)
Laslo Roza -- Flower (from Caesan)


Bjarki Gulbjorn & Asta Olafsdottir as Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen

Morgan Rowantree: Laurel

Sat 26 July -- Evening
Adam Matheson - AoA
Shoshanna Simcha bat Reuven - Argent Hart
Kathryn Brian Chevreuil - Pelican

Back Scroll: Shoshanna Simcha bat Reuven - Stags Heart

Berold to the Outlands list August 17:

Greet the day Unbelted Fight Fans!

Only 3 tournaments to go before the series is OVER!!!

On Saturday, the 23rd of August at 2 PM under the tall cool pines of Ruidoso at the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun's Clann War event, the tenth of the Unbelted Tournaments shall be fought. The style of the tournament shall be GREATSWORD (no butt spikes). You must be authorized in this weapon style to participate. As is now the usual practice, he who Wins the list will receive a weapon of some type. He who Places will receive silver and lo, he who Shows will receive... something. Don't forget that THL Anastasiia or her representative will be on hand to give victors of the list the opportunity to get a better (or worse) prize! Points will be given for Winning, Placing and Showing and do not forget that Most Chivalrous and Best Death on the Field will also receive points. The tournament will be fought best of three, double elimination.

Please remember that to gain entrance into these Lists, a toy is to go to THL Anastasiia (or her representative) for the Toys for Tots drive or you may present to her (or her representative) at the time of the List the sum of $5.00 for her to purchase toys on your behalf. One toy or the price of one toy ($5.00 minimum) is all you need to enter although if you deem it necessary to donate more, the children will appreciate it, I am sure!

For those of you interested in the standings for the Unbelted Tournaments to date, after nine tournaments, these are they;

THL Dietrich von Andernach Citadel 16 pts.

Baron Nikolaus von Stahlburg Citadel 6 pts.

Lord Wolf von der Muhle-Eckart Citadel 6 pts.

Count Alrik Boleslavsson Drygestan 4 pts.

THL Corbin de Heather Nahrun Kabirun 2 pts.

THL Ordog Magyar Bela Citadel 2 pts.

Lord Stephen North Blackwater Keep 2 pts.

Lord Li al-Barran 2 pts.

Lord Bardolf al-Barran 2 pts.

Antonius Valerius St. Golias 2 pts.

Lord Eirik Mhartain Nahrun Kabirun 1 pt.

Fifteen other combatants to date have yet to receive points, but don't count them out!

Remember that you Win for 3 pts., Place for 2 pts, and Show for 1 pt. You can also receive 2 pts. for Most Chivalrous and 1 pt. for Best Death on the Field. Points for Most Chivalrous and BDotF can be awarded to the same person and can also be awarded to an entrant who Wins, Places or Shows.

Please know that there are many unbelted fighters who have not partaken of this series of tournaments. No worries as there is no time like the present to jump into the series. Fight when you can and do your best!

Please see the Nahrun Kabirun website for directions to "Clann War" and the tournament there!

Be well and fight hard -

Sir Berold

At Nock on Wood (August 16/17, al-Barran)
3 Combat Archers competed in duels.
18 Archers signed in at the Target Archery range.
10 people threw axes for score

Combat Archery Duel:
Winner - Lady Ia
Target Archery Competition for Novice/Unranked archers (20 Yrds)
Target Archery Competition for Bowman/Yoeman archers (30 Yrds)
Charles Stykewen
Target Archery Competition for Forrester and above archers (40 Yrds)
Stefan - winner after two shoot offs.
The winner in each Archery Competition received a hood made by Lady
Thank You to Lady Solveig for making those fine hoods.
Thank you to Diane for organizing the feast preparation and serving

For Thrown Weapons my guess is the two best axe throwers are probably
EOngus and Gunwaldt.
Corect me if I'm wrong.

There's a good shadow on this one:

Clann Wars, near Ruidoso, August 23/24

Lady Wu Xi Lian put photos of the event here:

July 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

To his dear friends and countrymen, residents of the Outlands, and the
others who read these words: greeting - health fare you well, the
roads treat you kindly, and the weather nurtures your crops. Æðeluulf
brings word from the Court at Glory IX, of their Most Royal Majesties
Boleslav, Kyng, and Astriðr, Cwene.

Court was opened on the Fourth day of July, and Their Royal Highnesses
of Calontir, Prince Luther and Princess Maerwynn joined Their
Majesties, along with Their Royal Highnesses of Artemesia, Prince
Timmur and Princess Tianna. Sitting in State also were Their
Excellencies William and Rosalind, Baron and Baroness of Unser Hafen.

Conducted that day, were the following Items:
* William Flanagan: Fallen Snow
* Bláán O Heochaidh: Silver Tyne & Award of Arms
* Umble the Mumbler: Stags Heart
* Exel Trollskap: Award of Arms
* Wolfgang Grothe de Verron: Stag
* Anstes Darcy: Stags Heart
* Angus Montgomery the Forrester: Archer General -- replacing
Daniel Larke del Glen
* Daffyd of Emmett: Royal Archer -- replacing Angus Montgomery the Forrester

Recessing for the day, Their Majesties that evening attended the
Northern Semifinials of the competition to decide the next Windhover
Bard, which was led by Master Gwilim de Glamorgan. It was decided by
Their Majesties that Lady Rivka Cantor should compete in the finals at
Their Crown Tournament.

The court reconvened on the Fifth of July, and Their Majesties were
welcomed into Their Court by the voices of the Unser Hafen Chorus.
During this day, Their Excellencies of Unser Hafen opened Their court
and conducted Their business, and Their Majesties conducted the
following Items:

* Jeanne Dyfrgi: Flower
* Perryn Coelbrant: Silver Tyne (regalia only)
* Signey von Selden: Argent Heart
* Angus Montgomery the Forrester: Argent Heart
* Saito Takauji: Silver Tyne
* Ronan Suipeal: Stags' Blood
* Etain Brenna O'Devlin: Award of Arms
* Drahomira von Augsburg: Stag
* Louis-Philippe Mitouard as Exchecquer -- replacing Tetsutaka Yukihana
* Kathryn Brian Chevreuil: Pelican (answer to be heard at Caer
Galen Defender)

Following Their Majesties offer of the Peerage, having no further
business, Their Majesties closed Their Court to the resounding shouts
of Outlands!

Facio servitum

Archery at Lonely Mountain, July 12

The weather at Lonely Mountain could not have been better! We had
drizeling rain at night, mildly overcast days and we were surounded
with green vegitation.

25 archers signed up to use the ranges.

The archery and axe ranges were set up Friday afternoon and open for
practice until dusk.

The Rove was active throughout the day on Saturday with about 7
excusions of 3 to 5 archers each into the ierie relm of the Whearre
Rrhaat. We shot at croutching, stalking , hiding Ware Rats and caught
them where they feed. We shot enchanted snakes and and saved the
penguin from the dingo and tried our skil with the magick floating
spinning disk. It never stopped spinning and swaying.

There were 2 Royal Rounds shot on Saturday, one in the morning and
one in the afternoon. A target was set uo at 90 yrds to give archers
a chance to test their skil at long range.

The axe throwin range was fairly active and there was some spear
throwing until the spear broke.

The ranges were taken down at 7pm Saturday evening.


I've posted some of my Lonely Mountain photos here:


If I've spelled anyone's name or title wrong or left anything out that should be there, please let me know. Thanks! :-)


Tournament reports, Lonely Mountain

Good Day to All,

Here is the report I have for Lonely Mountain.(You may cross post) I apologize for not having all the defender resultls from the tree climbing, spear throwing, etc that Lord Ylyndl kept track of.

It was my pleasure to assist with the tournaments at Lonely Mountain and I want to give a big thank you to Master Gunwaldt for helping me keep track of the Heavy Tournaments, Thank You!. And of course it was a pleasure working with Don Ulrich and Sir Thomas and Lord Ylyndl, Thank You!.

I apologize for misspellings and or missing titles.

Lonely Mountain Defender Tournaments Report

Saturday July 12, 2008


Rapier Speed Tourney

Fighters: 11

The Street Rat (Albert), Lord Antirus, Lordy (Lady) Aki, Lord Sorkhan, Lord Kendrick, Lady Nicolina, Lord Dogan, Lord Soren, Mori, Felipe, THLord Angus.

Marshal: Don Ulrich

30 minutes speed tourney.

!st place: Albert
2nd place: Lord Kendrick
3rd place: Lord Sorkhan

Heavy Speed Tourney

Fighters: 16

Lazar, Lord Brennan, THLord Devon, Lady Ia, Lord Valharik, Lord Dogan, Sir Roger, Master Balthazar, Lord Alexander, Hakon, Aerikan, Lord Dermod, Jarl Mordygan, Duke Hrothgar, THLord Corbin, Michael MacBain.

Marshal: ?

1st place: Michael MacBain
2nd Jarl Mordygan
Tie for 2nd Sir Roger
3rd Duke Hrothgar

Rapier Plank Tourney

Fighters: 12

Felipe, Lady Nicolina, Street Rat, Lordy Aki, Lord Soren, Mori, THLord Angus, Lord Sorkhan, Turlo, Lord Kendrick, Max, Lord Antirus.

Best 2 out of 3, Double Elimination. Destructive Entertainment Bye

Marshal: Don Ulrich and ?

Herald and Card Runner: Lady Natasha

1st : Lord Kendrick
2nd: Lordy Aki
3rd: Lord Sorkhan

Heavy “Iron Heart” Line Tourney. 3 rounds

Fighters: 19

HE Qara Gan, Lord Seamus, Sir Roger, Master Balthazar, Lord Alexander, Lord Lochlan, Haken, Aerikan, Devon, Chagatai Cherbee, Valharik, Corbin, Xahir, Lord Li, Brennan, Michael McBain, Earl Camron, Sir Avatar, Furian (Fierrien?).

Marshals: Lady Beatrice, Sir Gregor, Mistress Brigetta, ?

1st: Aerikan
2nd: Sir Roger
3rd: Haken and Devon

Lonely Mountain Defender of Dragons Gauntlet Results

Lord Ylyndl has this information.

Lady Bevin
Lists Mistress, al-Barran

Greeting to the Outlands from Artan macAilin, Chancellor to King Boleslav and Queen Astridr.

There have been several rumors about the tragic events at Lonely Mountain this last weekend.

This is a basic version of what happened.

A mundane person stole many items, both personal and regalia from the King and Queen's personal tent, and then soiled the queen's bed.

The matter was handled calmly and efficiently by the crown and their retainers and all of the items were returned after a very brief period. The man who had the stolen items in his tent, was taken away by the police and charges are being pressed. The crown is also considering further SCA action.

There were several heroes who stepped forward in this matter, not the least of which was the King himself and his son Count Alrik.

As events progress, we will post updates to this list. If you have any direct questions please contact me at jcunico37 @ hotmail dot com.

Duke Artan macAilin, KSCA, OP

June 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

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May 2008


King and Queen: Alrik and Slaine until May 10
Boleslav and Ástríðr, King and Queen after May 10

click for a larger image, and again on that one for even more detail

Site tokens from Grand Outlandish, created by Rognvaldr. Lord Kendrick had a gold one, for being on staff (organizing rapier activities), and Lord Bardolf had a regular token.

Sir Berold posted to the Outlands List, when the Unbelted Tournament series was half over:
For those of you interested in the standings for the Unbelted Tournaments to date, after six tournaments, these are they:
THL Dietrich von Andernach Citadel 13 pts.
Baron Nikolaus von Stahlburg Citadel 6 pts.
Lord Wolf von der Muhle-Eckart Citadel 5 pts.
His Majesty Alrik THE Outlands 4 pts.
THL Corbin de Heather Nahrun Kabirun 2 pts.
Lord Stephen North Blackwater Keep 2 pts.
Lord Li al-Barran 2 pts.
Lord Bardolf al-Barran 2 pts.
Antonius Valerius St. Golias 2 pts.
Sir Gunndiarfr Gleann Medonach 1 pt.
Lord Eirik Mhartain Nahrun Kabirun 1 pt.

Fifteen other combatants to date have yet to receive points, but don’t count them out!

Remember that you Win for 3 pts., Place for 2 pts, and Show for 1 pt. You can also receive 2 pts. for Most Chivalrous and 1 pt. for Best Death on the Field. Points for Most Chivalrous and BDotF can be awarded to the same person and can also be awarded to an entrant who Wins, Places or Shows.

Memorial Day weekend in the Northern Outlands,
THL Roland O’Rourke autocrated Crossroads.

Further south, J.T. autocratted Grand Outlandish at Torrance County Park, May 21-26 . It rained the first few days. Lord Li won Lord of Outlandish.

April 2008

King and Queen: Alrik and Slaine
Crown Prince and Princess: Boleslav and Ástríðr

April 5, Sworded Affaire in Fontaine dans Sable
Lingorm Gympe Inn Eykr received an Award of Arms, and Signy von Velden was made a Defender of the Silver Tyne
Soren Kinney, Award of Arms

April 21, Dance Mystere, Barony of Unser Hafen
Syr Deotrich and Mistress Leonora retired as Vicar and Vicaress of Unser Hafen.
Lord William de Kari and Countess Rosalind of Wellmark were invested as Baron and Baroness of Unser Hafen.
THL Mardanah al-Hindiyyah was made a Baroness of the Court.
Syr Deotrich Hiltipard was admitted to the Order of the Laurel.

March 2008

Viscountess Bronwen, who was Princess of the Outlands with AElfgar in 1984, passed away Wednesday, March 5, of a brain tumor. (Kate Holford is looking for a photo, but if any reader has another to add, one can be added at any time.)

Alrik and Slaine were King and Queen.

Photos of some of these things:

Article about Crown in the Roswell Daily Record: http://www.roswell-record.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=24233&SectionID=49&SubSectionID=&S=1

March 8 in Gleann Medonac
Boleslav won Crown for his lady, Ástríðr.

Bennet Murray was named a Walker of the Way.

Gundahar was asked to consider knighthood.

Outlands Crown – March 8 AS XXXXII
The Tournament was announced as two victories to win a round (double kills to be refought) with elimination after loss of two rounds.

Round 1
Sir Duncan bests Lord Iohanness
Sir Giovanni bestsLord Dermot
Sir Bjarki bests Sir Gareth
Lord Chagatai bests Sir Roger
Sir William bests Lord Charles
Lord Gunndahar bests Lord Bardolf
Lord Omar bests Lord Pierre
Lord Boleslav bests Sir Albert

Round 2
Sir Bjarki bests Lord Omar
Sir Bela bests Sir Giovanni
Sir William bests Lord Gunndahar
Lord Boleslav bests Lord Chagatai
Sir Albert eliminates Lord Iohanness
Sir Duncan eliminates Sir Gareth
Lord Pierre eliminates Sir Roger
Lord Dermot eliminates Lord Bardolf

Round 3
Lord Gunndahar eliminates Lord Charles
Sir Bela eliminates Lord Pierre
Sir Giovanni eliminates Lord Chagatai
Sir William bests Sir Bjarki
Sir Duncan eliminates Sir Albert
Lord Boleslav eliminates Lord Omar

Round 4
Sir Giovanni eliminates Lord Gunndahar
Sir Duncan eliminates Lord Dermot
Sir Bela eliminates Sir Bjarki
Lord Boleslav bests Sir William

Round 5
Lord Boleslav bests Sir Bela
Sir William bests Sir Duncan

Round 6
Sir Bela eliminates Sir Duncan
Lord Boleslav eliminates Sir Giovanni

Round 7
Sir Bela eliminates Sir William

Final pairing for the Tournament
Sir Bela and Lord Boleslav

Sir Bela bests Lord Boleslav twice resulting in a balance of the elimination count
Then Lord Boleslav bests Sir Bela
Then Sir Bela bests Lord Boleslav once more
Then Lord Boleslav defeats Sir Bela and is recognized as Crown Prince



From the Blue Iris Herald (Master Balthazar):

Giovanni da Lucca and Muireann Ghlass ingen Faelan retired as Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass. They were rewarded for their work with Court Baronies. (Scrolls by Ymanya Murray.)

Nikolaus von Stahlburg and Aine inghean Chormaic were invested as the new Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass.

Also: Gunndiarfr Magnusarson was knighted, Hrorek Wolfson was given a Queen's Cypher, Bennet Murray and Sir Roger were given Cordons Royal, and Lyneya de la Nord got an Award of Arms.

Sir Berold posted on the Outlands list:

On Saturday, the 29th of March at the Baronial Investiture in the Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, the fifth of the Unbelted Tournaments was fought. The style of the tournament of the day was Mace & Shield. A newcomer to the unbelted tourney circuit, His Majesty Alrik Won and received the Best Death point earning him a total of 4 points for the day. Lord Li, also a new-comer to the tournament series Placed for 2 points and THL Gunndiarfr (yes, another new comer) Showed for 1 point. Two points were awarded to Lord Bardolf for the Most Chivalrous accolade.

February 2008

King and Queen: Alrik and Slaine

Master Duncan Alistair MacRae, Kingdom Seneschal
Lady Marie de Blois, White Stag Herald
Sir Dennis the Wright, Earl Marshall
Mistress Tana a l'Esprit Fort, A&S
THLady Tetsutaka Yukihana, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Mistress Anne Bigod, Chronicler
THLady Renee Nix of Livingstone, Chirurgeon

Seuilla DeCordoba was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Candlemas on February 2. Mistress Seuilla credited various people in a public thank-you which is preserved in a comment below.

Photos of Estrella are below. We don't know the future fate of photos stored on the web,but they're there for a while, at least.
Geillis, Outlands:

Iain Caradoc, Atenveldt:

Godfrey, Atenveldt:

blindtraveller, Caid:

Estrella War at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, online news article with slide show from the Phoenix New Times

January 2008

Alrik and Slaine were King and Queen.

12 Citadel Twelfth Night
Lady Rois inghean Domhnaill passed the Kingdom Chirurgeon's office to THLady Renee Nix of Livingstone
(info from Maimuna; thank you)

19-20 Fontaine dans Sable 12th Night & War Practice, the king and queen attended, Isabella (autocrat)
26 Caer Galen Arts & Sciences, Merlyn (autocrat)
26 St. Golias Southern War Practice, the king and queen attended, Eoin (autocrat)

This and other photos from the St. Golias practice are here, thanks to Geillis ui Siridein (Vicki Collins), who is willing to let people use them as long as they're credited to her as photographer.

Any stories on those can be left as comments below!

August 1993

May 1993

Lord Jonathan Whitewolf the Younger was Lord of Outlandish.

July 1993

June 1993

April 1993

March 1993

February 1993