April 1977

I've lifted this from Ansteorra's historian's site, which is downloads and not webpages (this part was anyway). Southwind was the kingdom newsletter then, as the Outlands and Ansteorra were both in the Outlands, and neither quite a principality yet.
...a letter copied from the April issue of Southwind. It is from the Society Marshall, Andrew of Seldom Rest, wherein he voices concern “that there is a considerable amount of activity on the Lists at some events in some places which is not in accordance with the Rules of the Lists.” He lists the rules that groups have violated and then gives the following injunction to “all autocrats, seneschals and marshals at all officially sanctioned events”. He states in all capital letters, “THERE SHALL BE NO FENCING, KARATE, ARCHERY AT HUMAN TARGETS OR KENDO PRACTICED AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE AS ANY OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED EVENT OF THE SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM, INC.”

The rest of his letter goes on to apologize to those persons who may be proficient in the mentioned sports but in the interest of safety, the fact that safety equipment had been reportedly not used, the fact that marshals were not trained to supervise such sports, they would not be permitted until more input was given to the BoD and to his office concerning the issue. He ends his letter with a request for commentary but with an admonition to “Please try to be nice about it though.”

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