August 1977

Gunwaldt was Prince, Aislinn was Princess, but she wasn't listed in the newsletter.

Officers of the Outlands were
Ketievia Segovia (Seneschal)
Sheera MacAndrew (Mistress of Arts)
Kristen vonder Handfalk (Pursuivant)
Theo of Mightrinwood (Knight Marshall)
Heinrich der Jaeger (Master of Sciences)
Kathryn of Iveragh (Events Chronicler)
Raymond the Quiet (Arts and Sciences Chronicler)

The event calendar can be enlarged twice. Click to get to the photobucket image, and click that one to enlarge again.

If anyone here has memories or souvenirs of any of those events listed, please enter comments on the appropriate months.

Ton had won Crown Tournament in al-Barran the month before (June 25/26, in Altura Park) and the coronation was hosted by The Freehold of Great River on August 13, Asad Ud-Din autocrating. These are larger with commentary if you click the image:

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AElflaed of Duckford said...

Some of us went from Shadowskeep (Espanola). We were to have stayed at Asad's, but it was crowded and we were ready to leave earlier than the autocrat could, so we decided to just drive back. Long drive, but we were excited and talkative and happy.