August 1978

Wilhelm and Megan Andoniel were Prince and Princess.

The Outlands hosted Aten Crown Tournament, Sir Nicholas de Kane autocratting:

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The Crown Tournament was won by Jonathan de Lauffyson, who was living in Namron, in Ansteorra. (He was later the first king of Ansteorra.)


Duchess Malinda said...

This was the Crown Tournament to find the heirs for King Johann and Queen Malinda von hohen-Staffen.

The feast mentioned was a BBQ from Colorado Springs that was finger licking good!

There was a bluegrass festival going on at the same time in the enormous park, and sounds of it could be heard gently carried on the breeze.

One of the oddest things was that there was a huge UFO sighting on Friday evening, just at dusk. It was even mentioned in the local newspaper. We all thought it would have been so funny if alien's first contact with planet earth was a bluegrass concert and the SCA!

I still thank Nick de Kane for autocrating such a great event with such memorable and unusual entertainment.

Duchess Malinda van hohen Kester
aka von hohen Staffen

Sandra Dodd said...

For a moment I pictured BBQ and bluegrass, and pictured us getting their dinner, and the banjo players wondering "what the heck?" about a fancy Laurel-masterpiece feast.

That's the event when Sigmund Traeskaeg was made a Master of Arms. He died just a few years later. His mundane name is Marty, and our #2 son is named after him. And Sigmund played bluegrass, but not that weekend.