December 1977

Ton and Elizabeth Karien, King and Queen
Koris and Leah Kasmira, Crown Prince and Princess until December 17

Gunwaldt and Aisling Tara O'Neill, Prince and Princess
Heinrich and Lorene, Prince and Princess from the evening of December 17

December 17, Coronation and "Coronetting" (principality investiture) were both at al-Barran Midwinter, which was at St. Joseph's college on Coor's Road, in a quonset hut building. Many people came from the Principality of Ansteorra, and some from The Sun. (If anyone remembers better which was in which court, corrections can be made to this list. The names and awards are from the Wimble site, May 2008.)

In Ton's court,
Einrich Armpittsbaine KSCA
Louis le Blanc lou Boumain Laurel
Nicholas Simon deKane KSCA
Ealasaid MacGhillielaidir Light of Atenveldt
James Alagarto of Duckford Award of Arms
Anne Gaverel d'Avesor Queen's Grace of Atenveldt
Kaitlin Caslean an Bharraigh Queen's Grace of Atenveldt
Nicholas Simon deKane Queen's Grace of Atenveldt
Phyllis of the White Marshes Queen's Grace of Atenveldt

In Koris's court,
Gunwaldt Gullbjørn Viscount (though they didn't call it that that evening, they said Crown Baron, I think)
Aislinn O'Neill Viscountess and Lady of the Dove
Elizabeth Karian of the Four Winds Countess, Lady of the Rose
Ton the Traveler Count
Aelflaed of Duckford Award of Arms
Anne Gaverel d'Avesor Award of Arms
Ishiyama Namban Tadashi Award of Arms

[Note from AElflaed: They called the three of us at once, for awards of arms. I heard later that I was to have received an AoA from Ton and Elizabeth, but they lost the scroll. James Alagarto (Jimbo Gill) got a scroll from both Ton and Koris. Both had intended to give to both of us, because heralds and reigns weren't as organized then as they were in later years.]

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