December 1985

Marcus the Vintner autocrated al-Barran Midwinter on December 14, at which Johann and Andreah, both of the Citadel, were made Prince and Princess of the Outlands. It wasn't known for sure, but suspected, that they would be the last Prince and Princess of the Principality of the Outlands, and that did turn out to be so. Caer Galen's Midwinter Revel was on the same evening, Mistress Betva a Bedwyn autocrating.

On December 18, the Citadel held a St. Steven's Day Soup Supper, at the home of the Baron and Baroness, Jochen and Monika. There was to be almond cake, and the lord and lady whose cake held a whole almond would receive free feast tickets for Twelfth Night. (If anyone remembers who won, please leave a comment!)

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