January 1996

Artan V and Aziza were king and queen.

Kingdom officers were:
Baron Lambert (Seneschal)
Sir Jalut (Earl Marshal)
Mistress Fiachra (White Stag)
Lady Marie d'Acre (Minister of Arts and Sciences)
Lord Johann of the Norther Moors (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
Lord Alwyn of Kittisford (Chronicler)
Master Rhys (Chirurgeon)
Lady Ksenia (Hospitaller)
Mistress Joella (Scribe)
Lady Emma of Essex (Chamberlain)
Lady Triaria (Minister of the Lists)

Genevieve autocratted Caerthen Twelfth Night on January 6.
Eirianedd autocratted Citadel Twelfth Night on January 13
Beathan autocratted Imbolic in Gleann Medonach, January 27

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