January 2008

Alrik and Slaine were King and Queen.

12 Citadel Twelfth Night
Lady Rois inghean Domhnaill passed the Kingdom Chirurgeon's office to THLady Renee Nix of Livingstone
(info from Maimuna; thank you)

19-20 Fontaine dans Sable 12th Night & War Practice, the king and queen attended, Isabella (autocrat)
26 Caer Galen Arts & Sciences, Merlyn (autocrat)
26 St. Golias Southern War Practice, the king and queen attended, Eoin (autocrat)

This and other photos from the St. Golias practice are here, thanks to Geillis ui Siridein (Vicki Collins), who is willing to let people use them as long as they're credited to her as photographer.

Any stories on those can be left as comments below!


Sandra Dodd said...

One of Artan's squires killed the Society Earl Marshal in melee at the St. Golias war practice. I heard it from Gunwaldt as soon as he arrived home.

Another way to say it is that on Lord Dermod's first time using a spear, he got Duke Hrothgar! (Gunwaldt helped, in that spearman teamwork kind of way.) Maybe one of them will find time to tell it first person.

AElflaed of Duckford
Gunwaldt's lady and one of Dermod's mentors

Dermod of Killarney said...

This is Dermod to give a "the hand that holds the spear" account on the slaying of Duke Hrothgar.
It was my first time using a spear, although the concept of how to use it was in place, I had no real clue. My Knight told me to "kill people in front of you", noble advice and in Artan's way, it meant "just do it".
A little nervous, but willing I stepped into the line and found myself tucked in quite safely behind Master Gunwaldt. This was a very, very safe place. (note to self: when you are nervous on the battlefield and have only a spear, FIND GUNWALDT!!) As the good Master fired away at the line of scary people in front of us with the usual calculated if not reckless abandon, his mighty voice quietly said, "I'll set you up, kill Hrothgar." I'm not sure if I actually said it out loud but I know I thought... "ummm, HUH?"
Sure enough the "set up" was perfect and in one thrust I saw and heard something I had never seen or heard, Duke Hrothgar nodding to acknowledge that the blow was solid and a verbal "good!" not that I hadn't seen Hrothgar killed, just never by my hand.
I killed Hrothgar!
I even hung in there for a few more minutes after that. Did I mention I killed Hrothgar?
Let it be known, without Master Gunwaldt, this may not have happened, thanks Gunwaldt. I hope to be good enough one day to watch your back the way you watched mine.
Later I saw Hrothgar and he "knew I had never used a spear and didn't think I could hit" him. I told him to feel free to underestimate me anytime and then we had a laugh and went back to the fighting.
The following day at fighter practice in al-Barran, Hrothgar asked if I would like to fight, I was geared up in my usual sword and shield. I told him (w/ sarcasm) if he could wait a minute, I'd go get a spear... and Gunwaldt.

this account is certified fact.

Dermod of Killarney
on the 28th day of January in the year 2008.

dermod of killarney said...

an after thought that I had upon reading this comment.
My Knight, Duke Artan did in fact give me a bit more of a lesson then mentioned above. The combination of Gunwaldt's "set up" and Artan's lesson are what allowed me to win the day... or at least get Hrothgar. All of these men are truly awesome.

with great admiration,
Dermod of Killarney