June 1986

First Outlands Crown Tournament, Caerthe, June 14

Mirianna Wren posted these memories on the Outlands list January 25, 2008
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... One of my memories of that day was watching Cymber (then known as Darkwater) fight one of her rounds, she lost both of her legs and arms, and then proceded to shuffle along the ground on her knees after her oponent, growling with barred teeth and saying something like "Come-here, I'll get-ya" until she was taken out by a head shot. I think it was after that that she took up sword and shield, and I remember once she was on the ground and behind her shield she was a tough target to get.

Another memory is watching a very pregnant lady be escorted down to the newly crowned King of The Outlands to be made the 1st Queen, I remember thinking, wow, I can't imagine how tough it is going to be to do all the stuff as Queen and be that close to giving birth.

Other flashes of memories, sitting in the stands, listening to a gentleman in a kilt play a mandolin, and then hearing everybody sing the Atenveldt Song for the last time, how sad everybody seemed...

I loved all the clothing too, that was my main interest. I am sure the people there got real tired of me asking if I could take their picture. Another memory is at the feast, sitting next to a man (Otagiri) who held a small toddler on his lap the whole time. I now know it was because "Mom" was the Barroness and he was helping her out (it was Mistress Kate and Zach, now Sir Zachariah). And thinking it was so cool the way the couple across from me fed each other and shared the food from the same plate, it was so romantic to a green newby. (I think it was Thorvald, one of Olaf's Squires, I don't know who the lady was.) Ariel, I also remember you singing during the feast...


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AElflaed of Duckford said...

For one of the only times ever, flights were inexpensive to Denver that season, so LOTS of al-Barranians flew to Crown. It was before the Albuquerque airport was remodelled, and some of the gates were through a long, tiled tunnel that popped up into a little terminal in the middle of the runways. There were people there for two or three different flights, but almost everyone in there seemed to be an al-Barranian on the way to Caerthe.