May 1982

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May of 1982 is when I went to my first SCA event, Grand Outlandish. The guy who got me into the SCA invited me to come camp with him and some of his friends. His name is Dave Grubs or Sir Dafydd the Silvertongue. I was camping with this small group of friends to whom I had been introduced. They were Duke Koris Natterhelm and his Lady, Duchess Leah Kasmira, Duke Deaton Claymore and his Lady Duchess Care, Duke Siegfried von Hoflichkeit and Sir Dafyyd. Needless to say, hanging with these folks at my first SCA event gave me an interesting perspective.

The location was awesome with tents sprawled about the campsite and there were a great many people in attendance, probably close to four hundred.

The event was full of firsts for me. I got to see my first King (Ameyot(sp), a Coronation, (Einrich and Myrby(sp), my first knighting (Walker of Orange), watch a belly dancer rolling coins with her stomach muscles at the fire, and got to fight in my first melee.

Unfortunately for me, the guy next to me in the shield wall was a lefty and the first blow he threw hit me in the elbow and I was done for the day.

I was hooked from that event on.

Graf Michael die Zauberzunge, Ritter von Essen