November 1979

Koris II and Leah Kasmira were King and Queen of Atenveldt

November 24, Crown Tournament, al-Barran (Coronado State Monument, Bernalillo)
AElflaed of Duckford admitted to the Order of the Pelican. (scroll and details). That was a very cold day, and there was a long belted circle in the men's room (cinderblock bathrooms at the campground). Heinrich won the tournament with a spear.


Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes said...

Was that the event where we had to declare Kingdom Law, so the heralds huddled in a tight group under a picnic pavilion and read it to each other, passing the document around the circle? I remember it being very cold and windy.


Sandra Dodd said...

I'm sure it was, because Koris and Leah really wanted to get the squared away before the tournament. The next king kinda un-squared them somewhat anyway.

Because of that and another such incident or two (reading laws aloud), when I was steward I defined that as publication and announcement instead of a full reading. If just a law or three were changed, reading them is good. If lots were changed, summary and a public place where they could be viewed right after court would do.

I have no idea how or if any of that was maintained in later years.


Duchessmalinda said...

It was a very cold day and some of us had stupidly thought we would brave the elements and camp there overnight Friday. We had Stone pavilions and tarps to work with to shield us from the wind, but the wind was blowing hard and kept finding its way in. There was a waist high wall around ¾ of the pavilion, with a solid wall at one end, but it kept getting colder and the wind blew harder. We tried anchoring the tarps down with anything and everything, but most of the tarps were small and only went from the roof to the waist high wall. We used big river rocks, and armor to anchor the tarps, then finally, exhausted, we slumbered. Our numbers included Heinrich (who won the tournament, Johann von hohen-Staffen, and Stefan the Wanderers, myself, and a few other brave die-hards. In the wee hours of dawn Stefan woke up cursing a blue streak, waking all around him. It seems he had placed his helmet on the wall to anchor the tarp, but then laid down just below it. Stefan was struck so hard by his own helmet we feared he had a concussion. I sat up with him talking until Beau arrived. I don’t believe he fought in that crown tourney.
Duchess Malinda hohen van Kester