October 1970

From an account by Duke Arthur of Lockehaven:

Oct. 10-11, 1970: The Crown Tournament for Prince of Atenveldt. This was our
first two-day tournament and it was again held at McCormick Park. Arthur and
Angela were the Prince and Princess and the lists were won by Robert
Roundpounder. (I can not remember, and have found no record of who he fought in
the final round. Was it Carole?) Robert asked Kathleen MacChlurain to become the
next Princess. I believe that this was Kathy's (Kathleen MacChlurain's) first
S.C.A. event! (Why not start at the top?)

Carole the Grim was Knighted at this event, and Rodema de Rohan received the
Order of Light. Lady Kay of Locksley, Lady Cynthia Arianhrood, Lady Anne Tannith
Court, Sir Carole the Grim, Lord Woodford of Lorien, Sir Eideard Slaightear
Feusegach and Lord Robert the Blind, all received awards of arms. This was also
the first official event for the household of Zagamar.

Commentary: Carole the Grim was a major fighter, and fine fellow, in this early
period. He was a clean and skilled fighter, who hit hard. He was also the first
black (African-American) knight in Atenveldt.

Carole was the first Aten knight, period.
Rodema was in Tir Ysgithr at the time of that account, I believe, and moved to al-Barran a couple of years later (? when?).

Raymond is mentioned thusly, without a specific date, in a chronicle of early Atenveldt. Most of the stories were of the 1970's, but there were a few 1972. So this mention might be two years two early, but the quote is:

Another person you might have seen at an early fighter practice is Raymond the
Mild, who wore one of the first coats of mail in Atenveldt. Raymond went on to
create a private publishing company, "Raymond's Quiet Press" which prints
excellent information of interest to the anachronist.


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