October 1977

Gunwaldt and Aislinn were prince and princess.

Ton and Elizabeth were king and queen of Atenveldt, and residing in Dragonsspine.

Heinrich der Jager won the Outlands second Coronet Tournament, in Caerthe, bearing the favor of Lady Lorene of Lircadia.

There is an account from the point of view of Ferelith MacDonald here:

This photo and three others appear there.

Standing with his back to the photographer, far left, is Gunwaldt, speaking with ___Ketievia Segovia, maybe__ The marshal with his back to us is ___Theodric___
Robert de Spencer is the combatant to the left, in red. Theo of Mightrinwood is in the purple, facing. The blue baldric he's wearing is the Defender of Lonely Mountain baldric. The other combatant is __Glenm__. The knight facing on the far right is Heinrich der Jager.


Anonymous said...

"In front left, I'm guessing Bren or Theodric"
I'd go with Bren, but not certain

"the lady near Gunwaldt might need to be identified by costume"
I've seen that costume in a photo on Mirhaxa's site - I want to guess Dona Segovia is in her name?

"Neither Gunwaldt nor I can ID Robert de Spencer's opponent"
No help there - sorry.

Not much info, but maybe it will collaborate with what someone else knows.
Lore de Lorraine

Sandra Dodd said...

Notes on the comment before:

Dona Ketievia Segovia would be the name, if that's her.

Lore de Lorraine is the modern name of that selfsame second princess of the Outlands, Lorene of Lircadia!

Rhonwen y Llysieuyddes said...

From the outfit, I'd say the marshal with his back to us is Theodric. (Looks like his arms.)


Duchessmalinda said...

The other fighter is Glenm, Theodric is in front and Dona Segovia is the lady. Also at that event a young lady made an off-the-shoulder dress that was not quite fitted as well as perhaps it should have been. Irminsul came to the rescue with a roll of duct tape and we improvised.