September 1985

Berold and Allocenwere Prince and Princess
Johann and Andreah were Tanist and Tanista

Brion and Adriana were King and Queen of Atenveldt
Monika von Zell was Seneschal of Atenveldt and the September Southwind had a note from her welcoming Dryganstan as the newest official shire. (The spelling was later changed, but the pronunciation stays the same as old with oldtimers.)

Crown Tournament was held at Coronado State Monument and State Park (just across the Rio Grande from Bernalillo). Autocrats: Sir James Arthursson and Sir David Shumail ben Rachon

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I think the last Atenveldt Crown held in the Outlands was the one at Coronado Monument in Bernallio 1985 which was not a bad site for a small camping event.

It was also interesting in that one enterprising person with a large red tent actually ran an Inn for the event. Where you paid a minmal fee and got a spot to rollout your sleeping gear and breakfast. An idea whose time may have come again in these days of craming as many people as possible into cars to save on gas money.


Trelon (from the Barony of Atenveldt) beat Freana Geardsson (of Caerthe), and inspired some of the kingdom officers who were Outlanders to consider that it might be time to consider kingdom status.

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AElflaed of Duckford said...

Discussions of applying for kingdom status started a week after Crown. I was a principality officer, and was called by a kingdom officer saying three of the kingdom officers and a baron and baroness had been discussing the possibility of a kingdom petition. I got a call asking me to help on September 17.

September 21 and 22 at al-Barran Baron's Champion Tournament there were meetings both days to discuss the problems and possibilities.

The first mailing of proposals and ideas went out to the whole principality September 25. Fourteen devices had been drawn up by Mistress Rodema with the input of many and the advice of three prominent heralds of the day: Saerlaith, Mark Lasie and Keridwen. The artwork for that is here.