Interesting problem, being corrected awkwardly

Older posts (posts from long-ago months) are rearranging themselves as they're amended. Historically speaking, it's a problem when months and years won't stay in order!

Use the search box at the top left to find the month you want, for now (or this index).

So for the record, this blog was started in January 2008, and most of the posts have the date 1/26/08. This isn't working.

Gradually we'll change each months' blog posting date to the month and year of its title. Of course nobody put anything on blogspot in the 1970's, but I don't know another good way to keep them in order, so I suppose ignoring the dates of postings would be courteous of you all to do. Nothing was here before 2008.

(and I'll remove this post after a while)

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