April 2008

King and Queen: Alrik and Slaine
Crown Prince and Princess: Boleslav and Ástríðr

April 5, Sworded Affaire in Fontaine dans Sable
Lingorm Gympe Inn Eykr received an Award of Arms, and Signy von Velden was made a Defender of the Silver Tyne
Soren Kinney, Award of Arms

April 21, Dance Mystere, Barony of Unser Hafen
Syr Deotrich and Mistress Leonora retired as Vicar and Vicaress of Unser Hafen.
Lord William de Kari and Countess Rosalind of Wellmark were invested as Baron and Baroness of Unser Hafen.
THL Mardanah al-Hindiyyah was made a Baroness of the Court.
Syr Deotrich Hiltipard was admitted to the Order of the Laurel.


emeline said...

Also, Soren Kinney, recieved his AOA
-Emeline l'Espicier

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks. I'll add that.

Maimuna said...

Kingdom A&S - Barony of Dragonsspine (April 12, 2008):

Results of Competition (as posted by Mistress Tana, Kingdom A&S Officer):

Performing Arts Division:

Category: Poetry
1st Place – Zheng Tin Wen

Category: Miscellaneous Performances
1st Place – Morgan Rowanwaif

Visual Arts Division:

Category: Calligraphy Only
1st Place – Bjarki Gulbjornsson

Category: Illumination Only
1st Place – Audrey Cricket

Category: Calligraphy & Illumination
1st Place – Rivkah Cantor
2nd Place – Brighid Og inghean Neill

Category: Glasswork
1st Place – Fine ingen Chinaeda (Fiona)

Domestic Arts & Science Division:

Category: Brewing
1st Place – Dragon's Ass Brewing Group (Conal of Stonyford, Trevor
MacRae, and VAA arr leA rhA ls)
2nd Place - Dragon's Ass Brewing Group (Conal of Stonyford, Trevor
MacRae, and VAA arr leA rhA ls)

Category: Sweets
1st Place – Constanza Marina de Huelva
Category: Side Dish
1st Place – Adam of CaryMichel
2nd Place – Kseniy Mikhailovna Morskaya

Category: Main Dish
1st Place – Tahir al-Razi

Category: Miscellaneous Craft
1st Place – Maimuna al-Bukhariyya

Letters Division:

Category: Research Papers
1st Place – Maimuna al-Bukhariyya
2nd Place – Aldyth Trefaldwyn

Functional Art Division:

Category: Sientific Instrument
1st Place – Geoffrey fitz Robert
2nd Place – Geoffrey fitz Robert

Category: Woodworking
1st Place – Tomas Fraser

Category: Miscellaneous Crafts
1st Place – Anna de Apperleye

Fiber Arts Division:

Category: Costume
1st Place – Zoraya de Navarre
2nd Place – Anora Marchaunt

Category: Costume Accessories
1st Place – Athelina of Oldenfeld
2nd Place – Rivkah Cantor

Category: Weaving
1st Place – Leofsige O Caoimh (Lyssa)
2nd Place – Jeanne-Marie Dubois

Category: Lacemaking
1st Place – Ailleann inghean Fhiodhbhuidhe

Category: Miscellaneous Crafts
1st Place - Kaliyan Kali
2nd Place – Anna Katherine von Teltge

Division Champions:
Performing Arts Champion – Morgan Rowanwaif
Visual Arts Champion – Rivkah Cantor
Domestic A&S Champion – Maimuna al-Bukhariyya
Letters Champion – Maimuna al-Bukhariyya
Functional Art Champion – Tomas Fraser
Fiber Arts Champion – Athelina of Oldenfeld
Overall A&S Champion is Maimuna al-Bukhariyya

posted by Maimuna

Timothy said...

Maybe it's not strictly SCA related, but my son Devlin George Buxton was born 4/15/08.

If he's king someday or something, this entry might be cool to have. ;)

-Timothy O'Brien