August 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

Unto Their Royal Majesties of the Outlands, and all addressed, does your servant Æðeluulf send these words, reporting Your actions at Caer Galen Defender, during the feast of Saint Parasceva of Rome, being the XXVI day of July, Anno Societatus XLIII, being the year of grace MMVIII

Facio servitum

Sat July 26 -- Morning
Katherina von Lehman -- Court Barony + GoA

Back Scrolls:
Geffroi le Cuir - Argent Hart (from Midwinter)
Cera ingen Ronain -- Golden Pheon (from Midwinter)
Laslo Roza -- Flower (from Caesan)


Bjarki Gulbjorn & Asta Olafsdottir as Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen

Morgan Rowantree: Laurel

Sat 26 July -- Evening
Adam Matheson - AoA
Shoshanna Simcha bat Reuven - Argent Hart
Kathryn Brian Chevreuil - Pelican

Back Scroll: Shoshanna Simcha bat Reuven - Stags Heart

Berold to the Outlands list August 17:

Greet the day Unbelted Fight Fans!

Only 3 tournaments to go before the series is OVER!!!

On Saturday, the 23rd of August at 2 PM under the tall cool pines of Ruidoso at the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun's Clann War event, the tenth of the Unbelted Tournaments shall be fought. The style of the tournament shall be GREATSWORD (no butt spikes). You must be authorized in this weapon style to participate. As is now the usual practice, he who Wins the list will receive a weapon of some type. He who Places will receive silver and lo, he who Shows will receive... something. Don't forget that THL Anastasiia or her representative will be on hand to give victors of the list the opportunity to get a better (or worse) prize! Points will be given for Winning, Placing and Showing and do not forget that Most Chivalrous and Best Death on the Field will also receive points. The tournament will be fought best of three, double elimination.

Please remember that to gain entrance into these Lists, a toy is to go to THL Anastasiia (or her representative) for the Toys for Tots drive or you may present to her (or her representative) at the time of the List the sum of $5.00 for her to purchase toys on your behalf. One toy or the price of one toy ($5.00 minimum) is all you need to enter although if you deem it necessary to donate more, the children will appreciate it, I am sure!

For those of you interested in the standings for the Unbelted Tournaments to date, after nine tournaments, these are they;

THL Dietrich von Andernach Citadel 16 pts.

Baron Nikolaus von Stahlburg Citadel 6 pts.

Lord Wolf von der Muhle-Eckart Citadel 6 pts.

Count Alrik Boleslavsson Drygestan 4 pts.

THL Corbin de Heather Nahrun Kabirun 2 pts.

THL Ordog Magyar Bela Citadel 2 pts.

Lord Stephen North Blackwater Keep 2 pts.

Lord Li al-Barran 2 pts.

Lord Bardolf al-Barran 2 pts.

Antonius Valerius St. Golias 2 pts.

Lord Eirik Mhartain Nahrun Kabirun 1 pt.

Fifteen other combatants to date have yet to receive points, but don't count them out!

Remember that you Win for 3 pts., Place for 2 pts, and Show for 1 pt. You can also receive 2 pts. for Most Chivalrous and 1 pt. for Best Death on the Field. Points for Most Chivalrous and BDotF can be awarded to the same person and can also be awarded to an entrant who Wins, Places or Shows.

Please know that there are many unbelted fighters who have not partaken of this series of tournaments. No worries as there is no time like the present to jump into the series. Fight when you can and do your best!

Please see the Nahrun Kabirun website for directions to "Clann War" and the tournament there!

Be well and fight hard -

Sir Berold

At Nock on Wood (August 16/17, al-Barran)
3 Combat Archers competed in duels.
18 Archers signed in at the Target Archery range.
10 people threw axes for score

Combat Archery Duel:
Winner - Lady Ia
Target Archery Competition for Novice/Unranked archers (20 Yrds)
Target Archery Competition for Bowman/Yoeman archers (30 Yrds)
Charles Stykewen
Target Archery Competition for Forrester and above archers (40 Yrds)
Stefan - winner after two shoot offs.
The winner in each Archery Competition received a hood made by Lady
Thank You to Lady Solveig for making those fine hoods.
Thank you to Diane for organizing the feast preparation and serving

For Thrown Weapons my guess is the two best axe throwers are probably
EOngus and Gunwaldt.
Corect me if I'm wrong.

There's a good shadow on this one:

Clann Wars, near Ruidoso, August 23/24

Lady Wu Xi Lian put photos of the event here:

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