September 2008

King and Queen: Boleslav and Ástríðr

Count Alrik Boleslavov won Crown bearing the favor of Lady Salomea Torunska, in Dragonsspine on September 13.

Outlands Crown – September 6 AS XXXXIII
This post reflects the official reported results. The Tournament was announced as two victories to win a round (double kills to be refought) with elimination after loss of two rounds.

Round 1
Count Alrik bests Lord Robert
Lord Li bests Sir William
Duke Albert bests Lord Angus
Duke Maelgwyn bests Lord Herbert
Count Giovanni bests Master Maelmarden
Master Grellan bests Lord Chagatai
Master Rhys bests Lord Iohannes
Duke Bela bests Sir Roger

Round 2
Lord Li bests Duke Maelgwyn
Master Maelmarden bests Lord Iohannes
Master Rhys bests Master Grellan
Sir William bests Duke Albert
Count Alrik bests Duke Bela
Count Giovanni eliminates Lord Chagatai
Sir Roger eliminates Lord Robert
Lord Herbert eliminates Lord Angus

Round 3
Sir William eliminates Master Grellan
Lord Li bests Sir Roger
Duke Maelgwyn bests Master Rhys
Master Maelmarden eliminates Duke Albert
Count Alrik eliminates Lord Herbert
Duke Bela bests Count Giovanni

Round 4
Count Alrik eliminates Master Maelmarden
Duke Bela bests Lord Li
Sir William eliminates Master Rhys
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Count Giovanni

Round 5
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Sir William
Count Alrik eliminates Lord Li

Round 6
Duke Maelgwn eliminates Duke Bela

Round Final pairing for the Tournament
Duke Maelgwn and Count Alrik

Count Alrik bests Duke Maelgwn
Then Count Alrik bests Duke Maelgwn again and is recognized as Crown Prince.

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