March 2009 - Crown Tournament

Round 1
Maelgwn bests Flanagan
Bela bests Gwain
Duncan bests Li
Giavanni bests Stuart
Boleslave bests Adam
Gareth bests Charles
Dermot bests Rhys

Round 2
Maelgwn bests Li (out)
Bela bests Adam (out)
Duncan bests Giavanni
Boleslav bests Stuart (out)
Gareth bests Rhys (out)
Flanagan bests Gwain (out)
Charles bests Dermot

Round 3
Boleslav bests Maelgwn
Duncan bests Bela
Flanagan bests Gareth
Giovanni bests Charles Blackston
Dermot bye fight

Round 4
Boleslav bests Giovanni (out)
Flanagan bests Dermot (out)
Maelgwn bests Bela (out)
Duncan bests Gareth (out)

Round 5
Boleslav bests Flanagan (out)
Maelgwn bests Duncan

Round 6

Boleslav bests Duncan (out)
Maelgwn bye fights

Round 7 (final)
Boleslav undefeated vs Maelgwn with one loss

Maelgwn bests Boleslav (2 victories) to even the standings

Maelgwn bests Boleslav (2 victories) to win the tournament

All Hail Sir Maelgwn and Lady Sabine!


Anonymous said...

its Flanagan not Flannigan
Thank you

Sandra Dodd said...

I changed those spellings. Thanks.