February 2008

King and Queen: Alrik and Slaine

Master Duncan Alistair MacRae, Kingdom Seneschal
Lady Marie de Blois, White Stag Herald
Sir Dennis the Wright, Earl Marshall
Mistress Tana a l'Esprit Fort, A&S
THLady Tetsutaka Yukihana, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Mistress Anne Bigod, Chronicler
THLady Renee Nix of Livingstone, Chirurgeon

Seuilla DeCordoba was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Candlemas on February 2. Mistress Seuilla credited various people in a public thank-you which is preserved in a comment below.

Photos of Estrella are below. We don't know the future fate of photos stored on the web,but they're there for a while, at least.
Geillis, Outlands:

Iain Caradoc, Atenveldt:

Godfrey, Atenveldt:

blindtraveller, Caid:

Estrella War at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, online news article with slide show from the Phoenix New Times


Maimuna said...

THLady Renee Nix of Livingstone became the Kingdom Chirurgeon at Citadel's 12th Night (12 January 2008). Maimuna

AElflaed of Duckford said...

Thanks! Change noted in January and February.

AElflaed of Duckford said...

The newest Pelican, Mistress Seuilla DeCordoba, posted this on the Outlands list on Tuesday after Candlemas:

Thank you from Candlemas:

For Their Most Gracious Majesties - for allowing me to accept this elevation from Their Hands.
THL Mordrake - for being supportive, and making those cool pennants!
Lord Nathaniel - for wonderful drumming
Lady Cyn - for carrying my banner in the processional
Don Tryffin - for being my friend for years
Mistress Elischeva - for teaching me how to be a Lady
Master Adam - for heralding me in, and prompting me when needed
Syr Rys - for the wonderful medallions I will wear with pride, and for speaking for me
Mistresss Brianna - for the gorgeous clothes, and her kind words
Countess Matilda - for stepping in at the last minute, and providing me with words of wisdom that will ring true for years to come
Master Odan - for traveling a long distance to speak for me
Lord Omar - for the amazing medallion
Schola Metallorum- YOU ROCK!
Mistress Gwen Cat - for making both vigils fun and comfortable (yummy food as well)

And most of all, for the members of the Order of the Pelican, who thought me worthy.

If I missed someone, it is most likely due to my altered state (I seem to have over done it, and I have the flu).

Warmest regards,
Mistress Seuilla DeCordoba